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Hebrew letters: B''H

Teach your children to love their Jewishness from the beginning. OyBaby is an exciting new concept in children's Judaica -a first-of-its-kind video and CD that combines stimulating imagery with beautiful and fun Hebrew songs to create a rich Jewish experience for babies.


Learn about the rich tradition of bris milah. Moyl is a documentary about a moyl, David Bolnick, who travels from place to place to guide families through this ancient ritual of bris milah (Jewish ritual circumcision). Laugh with the jokes, cry with the memories, and share the joy and trepidation experienced by those attending a bris.

Copyright © 2008, David A. Bolnick, Ph.D., Certified Mohel; Seattle, Washington. This document may, in its entirety, be copied and distributed for educational purposes on a not-for-profit basis. Any other use requires written permission from the author. All Rights Reserved.