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Hebrew letters: B''H

Below I will list books that I think are worth reading; i.e., ones I have personally read and have found, in general, to be worth recommending. Unfortunately, many good books on bris milah and circumcision are no longer in print. I will only list books that I currently find to be in print and readily available. I am always open to suggestions. NOTE: I do not make any money from these referrals. I use the most likely source/link for each book.

Bris Milah

The covenant of Abraham - A compendium of laws rituals & customs from from birth to bris, anthologized from talmudic & traditional source. By Rabbi Paysach Krohn. This is a good book for someone who is ready for a deeper study of bris milah. Rabbi Krohn does a good job of surveying the whole fabric of bris. Every rabbi and every synagogue should have this in their library.


How To Run A Traditional Jewish Household

A wonderful review of traditional Judaism in a contemporary world. By Blu Greenberg. Greenberg is not judgmental, or condescending, or esoteric, or dogmatic as is the flavor of many authors who write on the subject of traditional Judaism. Greenberg eloquently paints a picture of her life as a traditional Jew and lets you decide the right path for yourself. The book is packed with info and great stories. This book is a must for new parents who are building a Jewish home and lifestyle as well as for converts to Judaism.


Jewish Literacy

The Most Important Things to Know About the Jewish Religion, Its People and Its History. By Joseph Telushkin. Telushkin has created a mini-encyclopedia of facts, figures, and history that every Jew should have at his/her fingertips. This book is a great reference for any Jewish home and a must for all libraries; Jewish or otherwise. It also makes a great bar/bat mitzvah gift.


Surgical Guide to Circumcision

Surgical Guide to Circumcision (Medical Textbook). Editors: Bolnick, Koyle, & Yosha. This is a textbook for medical professionals who perform circumcisions and/or anyone who wants to know more about circumcision from its history, its cultural associations, and current day surgical techniques.


Copyright © 2008, David A. Bolnick, Ph.D., Certified Mohel; Seattle, Washington. This document may, in its entirety, be copied and distributed for educational purposes on a not-for-profit basis. Any other use requires written permission from the author. All Rights Reserved.